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Laced Dreams Evermore

Take my petals, and cover me with the night..

22 January 1989
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♣♣♣♣♣♣ A World Of Vibrant Beauty
Hello, welcome to my livejournal. You'll find I'm a pretty laid back person, unless I'm being ridiculously spazzy over something. I lov vintage and antique things which were the inspiration for my LJ name. Asian things as well, especially music and fashion, which were the deciding factor in my LJ theme. Music and reading. I like to sing and dance and I spend countless hours daydreaming. I'm not sure what else there is to say about myself but I guess if you want to know more you can always ask me. These type of things I always find so trying and awkward, like what the hell do I say about myself?!

Anyways, I'm a random girl whose seen as pretty hilarious by her friends and nice as well. I'm also a bit argumentative, so debates are always fun for me. I love animals. I love handcrafted things too. All of this just seems like random information. So I'll just stop here cause this is all really embarrassing...want to know more ask me!
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